About Tom Homan: Public speaker, business development consultant and border security expert

Tom began his distinguished career as a police officer in West Carthage, NY before joining the United States Border Patrol in 1984 – little did he know that this decision would lead to him becoming the first Director of ICE to have worked his way up through the ranks, from the very bottom rung of the law enforcement ladder to the top – an accolade that he is extremely proud of.
More recently, Tom has been focused on educating professionals, officials and the public as to the threat currently posed by the Southern border, through keynote speeches and public speaking engagements. He assists businesses with high level strategy direction through his company, Homeland Strategic, assisting qualified individuals in establishing relationships and building their reputation.


Throughout his illustrious career, Tom has had the privilege of working with a number of highly respected individuals on campaigns that have taken him from the front lines of the Southern border to the White House.

In the Obama administration, with Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson discussing border security

Tom, as seen in this crime scene photo, was lead investigator and coordinator of the multi-agency investigation of a tragic smuggling incident that left 19 people dead in Victoria, Texas.

This international investigation resulted in over 14 criminal convictions.  It was also the largest and most complex investigations of human smuggling.

Tom was called to testify before Congress because of his vast experience in these investigations and the successes achieved.

On the front lines with then Chief Patrol Agent, Mike Fisher patrolling the Rio Grande Valley from a CBP Blackhawk

The front lines of ICE – National Special Response Teams

On one of Tom’s many international media appearances

On one of Tom’s many interviews

Briefing President Trump in a border security and immigration enforcement meeting

In one of many appearances before Congress.

Aboard Air Force One

Tom Homan’s Professional Achievements


Throughout his career he has served as a Border Patrol Agent, an Investigator, Supervisor Special Agent, Assistant Director of Investigations, an Assistant Special Agent in Charge, a Deputy Special Agent in Charge, and Special Agent in Charge before being named the Executive Associate Director of ICE Headquarters during the Obama administration.

In January 2017, Tom was named Acting Director of ICE by President Trump, before being nominated to that position until his retirement in 2018. Tom is the most decorated ICE Director in history.

  • Presidential Rank Award
    In 2015, President Obama awarded Tom the Presidential Rank Award for accomplishments in immigration enforcement, which is the highest award available for a Senior Executive Service members. The Presidential Rank Award honors high-performing senior career employees for sustained extraordinary accomplishment, results, and consistent demonstration of integrity and excellence in public service.

  • Distinguished Service Medal
    Tom received the Distinguished Service Medal in June 2018 from President Trump in recognition of exceptionally distinguished and transformational service to strengthen Homeland Security for the United States.

  • Law Enforcement Person of the Year Award
    In 2018 he received the Law Enforcement Person of the Year Award from the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, which represents over 26,000 federal law enforcement officers.

  • Man of the Year Award
    Tom received the Man of the Year Award in November of 2019 by Blue Magazine, a law enforcement publication created by and managed by law enforcement career professionals.

  • National Security Medal
    In January 2020, he was awarded the National Security Medal by President Trump for distinguished achievement in the field of national security through exceptionally meritorious service.

  • Most Influential People Shaping Policy
    Awarded by the Washingtonian in 2023.

  • Memberships

    • Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association
    • Texas Public Policy Foundation
    • Culpepper County Sheriff’s Office
    • Government Technology and Services Coalition


The real story—with real solutions

From a police officer to Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Tom’s career has spanned four decades and six presidential administrations.

His focus never wavered—

to save lives and help communities thrive.



Tom is a regular contributor to Fox News, lending his expertise to discussions and debates concerning immigration, the impact of the southern border and the continued security of the United States.


Results from the border, to Washington, D.C. and around the world, to your organization.

Tom Homan, Founder

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