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Homeland Strategic Consulting has been extremely successful in assisting small and large companies in business development with both federal and state governments. We provide around-the-clock guidance and subject-matter expertise to help your company discover opportunities, pursue acquisitions, win those opportunities, and assist in the execution of those contracts.

We help forge a lasting partnership that will help you assist governments with their mission, while acquiring contracts that meet your goals.

Homeland Strategic Consulting works tirelessly to help our clients with reputation-building, which has proven an effective strategy to win government contracts.
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Tom Homan has been involved in national security and public safety since 1983, having served as a Policeman, Border Patrol Agent, and Special Agent, while climbing the ladder to become the first Director of ICE to come up through the ranks. He quickly became the most decorated Director since the Agency’s formation.

Tom has been honored by local and state law enforcement agencies along with federal law enforcement agencies and organizations. He has been awarded the highest honors by President Obama and President Trump.

Under Tom’s leadership ICE expanded operations around the globe, with an operational footprint in over 62 countries. His experience with national and global national security missions makes him uniquely qualified to help companies provide state-of-the-art guidance to private sector businesses who desire operational relationships with national security and public safety agencies and organizations in the United States—or around the world.


Homeland Strategic Consulting has a team of retired career Special Agents and leadership professionals from numerous federal and state investigatory agencies, which include: Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice,  Homeland Security Investigations, ICE, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) , U.S. Secret Service (USSS) Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to name a few.

Homeland Strategic Consultancy also has business relationships with a cadre of state law enforcement investigators and agents who have spent their career conducting extensive and complex criminal investigations.

Investigations of national security and public safety cannot have a better team than what Homeland Strategic Consultancy provides. Tom Homan has investigated and overseen hundreds of internal investigations as a Special Agent In Charge (SAC) of Internal Affairs to include both criminal and administrative matters. These cases include misconduct inside and outside the organization such as theft, assault, misreporting, fraud, corruption, sexual harassment, and EEO.

We conduct I-9 inspections within your company for compliance with federal laws and consult as to E-Verify participation.

Administration Advisory & Leadership Development

Homeland Strategic Consulting’s principal and partners have all risen through the ranks of their respective agencies and earned numerous awards for their leadership and innovative employee-development initiatives. We will help you develop future leaders, and help your company succeed.

Tom Homan was the first Director of ICE who came up through the ranks from a Border Patrol Agent to become the Director of ICE. He has built leadership teams for more than 34 years, receiving the National Supervisor of the Year Award from the Immigration and Naturalizations Service (INS) in 1996.

While ICE Director, the agency received the highest morale rating recorded by the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. He initiated a robust leadership development program for the Agency while increasing opportunities for women and minorities.

He recognized that employee development is vital to the success of any agency because the biggest and most valuable part of any agency is their people.

Security Operations Review – Insider Threats

Security assessments for your business can protect employees and their families. Are your security procedures up to date? Do your employees know what to do if there is a live shooter in or near your building? Do you have a plan in place for protestors?

Do you have a solid insider-threat program that monitors activities within your systems to make sure intellectual property isn’t stolen? Do you have up to date security checks on employees?  Do any employees have recent bankruptcies that would make them targets for attempted bribes? Do they have recent arrests that would cancel or affect their security clearance?

Do you need an inside corporate investigation conducted?

We can help you answer these questions with confidence.

We also conduct I-9 inspections within your company for compliance with federal laws and consult as to E-Verify participation.


  • Conduct I-9 inspections within your company for compliance with federal laws and consult as to E-Verify participation.
  • Teaming and joint ventures for government contracts
  • Develop and implement strategic plans to protect critical infrastructure
  • Security management, identifying risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Serve as an expert witness in border security, homeland security, immigration, and other related areas. Tom has testified in front of Congress numerous times, in addition to testifying as an expert in several State litigations.
  • Keynote speaker at numerous national events.
  • Cultivated longstanding, non-partisan relationships with many members of the United States Congress and State governments.
  • Working relations with DHS, DOJ, DOD, and numerous foreign governments around the world.

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